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  1. MBOX supported Email Applications. MBOX is a flexible file format which is widely supported by multiple email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Eudora, Entourage, SpiceBird, OperaMail, PocoMail, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Mail, Evolution, The Bat, and many more. Want to export Thunderbird to Outlook? Now it’s easy to move your MBOX data.
  2. Step 1: Launch the SysTools MBOX Converter for Windows and click on Add File option. Step 2: Select Mac Mail from the list and hit Next to open the browse window.
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“Hi, I have been using Outlook 2016 email client for Mac for quite some time now. I dragged and dropped many of my mailboxes into a local folder(to save as MBOX files). Then, I deleted the respective mailbox from my account to save storage space. But for some reason, now I cannot access those files in my Outlook client. Its essential data and thus, I am trying to learn how to open MBOX file in Outlook 2016 mac. Please suggest a relevant solution..!!”

MacUncle MBOX Converter is an all-in-one software that comes with various saving formats. Mac MBOX Export Tool is capable to export MBOX files on Mac OS X into several Native file formats i.e. PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHT, CSV, PDF, etc. Users can choose any saving format according to the choice for storing their converted emails and documents. In the Mail app on your Mac, select one or more mailboxes, then choose Mailbox Export Mailbox. Choose a folder or create a new folder, then click Choose. Mail exports the mailboxes as.mbox packages. If you previously exported a mailbox, Mail doesn’t overwrite the existing.mbox file; it creates a new.mbox file, such as My Mailbox 3.mbox. FreeViewer MBOX Viewer is a top-notch Software that allows users to view and access Windows and Mac MBOX file in a sophisticated way. With the help of MBOX Reader Tool, one can efficiently view and analyze MBOX file, which is created in 20+ email applications.

“Hello, our firm has been associated with usage of Mac Mail for the last 6 years. However, due to professional reasons, we are shifting to MS Outlook 2016 for Mac. As we all know, Mac Mail saves data in the form of MBOX files but, MS Outlook doesn’t support that format. So now, as the firm’s IT admin, I am looking for solutions that could help us open those 6 years’ worth of MBOX file data in Outlook 2016 conveniently. Thank you in advance!”


A variety of popular email clients operating on different platforms support MBOX file format. This format is used to store email messages and mailboxes. Apple Mail(Mac OS email client) also uses this file format to save its mailbox data. However, MS Outlook doesn’t support the MBOX format. It uses PST (for Windows/Mac) & OLM(Mac) for its data storing purpose. As clear from the above queries, there are times when users require to access MBOX emails in Outlook Mac. There can be a variety of reasons which could lead to the question as to how to open MBOX file in Outlook 2016 Mac.

Then, what’s the solution? Unfortunately, there isn’t any direct way to do so.

But, there are workarounds which would include both manual as well as commercial solutions. Users may decide what to choose as per their requirements. Read further to know about these methods in detail.

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  • Manual Method to Open MBOX in Outlook Mac

Solutions Regarding – How to Open MBOX File in Outlook 2016 Mac

Since MS Outlook does not support MBOX file format, there is no direct way open MBOX file in Outlook Mac. However, we have provided alternative methods below for user convenience. Users may opt for any of these methods which are feasible for them.

Manual Approach

The first phase of this approach is to import MBOX in Apple Mail. Follow the instructions given below to do so:

  1. Launch Apple Mail on your Mac system
  2. Go to File menu and choose ‘Import Mailboxes…’ option
  3. Select Files in MBOX format and click Continue
  4. Locate the MBOX source file and click Choose
  5. The files are imported in Mac Mail successfully.

Now follow either of the following methods to know how to open MBOX file in Outlook 2016 Mac:

Method 1: Using Gmail account as Mediator

  • Configure a Gmail IMAP account on Apple Mail
  • Select the imported MBOX file messages you want to open in Outlook 2016 Mac
  • Right-click on it and choose Copy to/Move to as per your requirements
  • Now, copy/move all selected files to the configured Gmail account mailboxes
  • Close Apple Mail and launch MS Outlook 2016 on your Mac machine
  • Configure the same Gmail account here as well
  • Finally, you can access the MBOX files data in your Outlook 2016 client via this Gmail account.

Method 2: Using Outlook 2011 as Mediator

  • Close Apple Mail and launch Outlook for Mac 2011
  • Go to File menu and click on Import…
  • Now, select the “Information from Another Application” button
  • Click on the right arrow to continue. Select Apple Mail and click right arrow again
  • Select the items to export and click the right arrow. Click Finish

The MBOX files data is successfully imported in Outlook 2011. Now we will import Outlook 2011 data in Outlook 2016.

  • Close MS Outlook 2011 and launch Outlook 2016 for Mac
  • Go to Tools tab and choose Import
  • Select “Outlook 2011 data on this computer” radio button-> Continue
  • Choose the location to import from and click Continue(a default location is already set)

Finally, the whole Outlook 2011 profiles data will be imported to Outlook 2016. Now, users can open MBOX file in Outlook Mac 2016 which was previously directly inaccessible.


Both the mentioned manual methods are lengthy, confusing and time-consuming. Using this approach, you will have to import mailbox data on Apple mail, then use a mediator such as Gmail or Outlook 2011 to finally access the data in Outlook 2016. Not only the procedure is somewhat complex to understand, but users also require technical knowledge to execute these steps properly. Any mistakes can lead to loss of time, effort and even loss of essential data.

Alternative Approach to Open MBOX File in Outlook 2016 Mac

Applications For Mac To Open .mbox Files

To overcome the limitations of the manual workarounds, a professional and commercial solution is recommended. This solution comes in the form of convenient third-party tools. These tools convert MBOX files to Outlook PST or OLM format. Hence, it makes it easier to directly import and open MBOX file in Outlook 2016 Mac.


However, conversion is a complex mechanism in itself. Every third party tool may not be convenient to use and some may even fail to achieve the desired results. So it’s necessary to choose that application which is quick, smart, secure and reliable. We are going to introduce one such automated software in this article which can easily provide a solution to the query- How to open MBOX file in Outlook 2016 Mac.

SysTools Mac MBOX Converter:

This software is programmed to effectively convert MBOX files and provide accurate results. It helps you to open MBOX file in Outlook Mac 2016 quickly and efficiently. With a wide array of proficient features, the tool is definitely suited for handling your precious data conversion.

  • The software converts Mac MBOX to Outlook PST without any risk of data loss issues. Furthermore, there is no file size limitation to perform the conversion process.
  • This application provides both selective and batch processing. You can select individual MBOX file(s) or entire folders to process with this software.
  • It is a stand-alone application that doesn’t require MS Outlook installed on your system for its conversion process.
  • Preserves data integrity after the conversion process. The metadata and attachments remain intact in the output PST files.
  • It creates the output PST file in Unicode type formatting. It ensures that all the versions of Outlook support this file.
  • The tool also provides naming conventions and filtering options that allow you to export and save your emails as per your requirements.
  • A freeware demo version is available for testing purpose. Licensed purchase can be made upon your satisfaction with the trial one.

How to open MBOX mailbox in Outlook Mac

Step 1: Launch Mac MBOX Converter and click “Add File“.

Step 2: Import the MBOX file into the software.

Step 3: Choose “PST” format and set “Adv Settings“.

Step 4: Click “Export” and open the converted PST in Outlook.

View the video to know the complete conversion steps:

Now, import the resultant file in Outlook mac application:

  1. Open the File menu in Outlook for Mac and click Import.
  2. Select the Outlook for Windows archive file (.pst), and then click the right arrow.
  3. Browse the file on your Mac, and then click Import.
  4. When the import process is complete, click Finish.


Users needs and requirements change from time to time. Within these changes, sometimes there comes the requirement of knowing how to open MBOX file in Outlook 2016 Mac. Like any other query, there are various ways to solve this too. It’s just a matter of knowing which process or method suits you the best and which are not feasible for you.

This article discusses some manual workarounds and commercial software that can help you to open MBOX file in Outlook Mac. To save yourself from all the complex procedures and data loss issues pertaining to the manual process, an effective automated tool is recommended. And, with its quality and relevant features, Mac MBOX Converter is the most likely choice here for a safe, secure and quick conversion.

Applications for mac to open .mbox files download

How can you open your MBOX file data in MS Outlook? If you are searching for a tool or method to open MBOX file in any version of Microsoft Outlook without any data loss. Try free manual or automated method to open your MBOX files.

The MBOX is utilized in the most Widows and Mac-based email clients. The layout of this software is designed flawlessly and works well for the user switching from Mac to Windows-based system, they can able to open MBOX files easily in Outlook with the matched PST file and layout. In such a condition, the use of MBOX converter is an ideal device.

How you can Export Your Thunderbird Emails to Outlook

The MBOX to PST Converter tool is completely matchless software that helps you to convert your emails in text layout as well as convert attachments in encoded files format. This tool is highly recommended for users who use popular mail application and software like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, etc. Its layout is designed exclusively; therefore, it helps users in creating and controlling their email access correctly. It also helps users to open and convert MBOX file into Outlook file without any difficulty. But it also has some bad facets too.

Open .mbox File Mac

The MBOX’s format most notable drawback is that it is platform based. All email users will be supported the format in the primary laptop based and they store their all data at local system. So, the users are unable to open MBOX files in the different system because they don’t save MBOX report in that system. To open it is another system you need to save or convert your MBOX report.

How to Export MBOX file to Outlook

There are two methods to move your exporting MBOX file manually and Automated. Both manual and automated methods have their own advantages. It depends on the user with which method they go. Here we discuss both methods of exporting MBOX file into Outlook.

In this method, you need to follow steps to export MBOX file from a Mac-based email user to MS Outlook.

Note: Before you start this method you need to be conscious for the lengthy process and calls for install Outlook Express and Eudora for your device in addition to MS Outlook and Apple Mail.

Its divided into four stages:

  • Open Apple Mail to export your mailbox record into MBOX file.
  • Go to the File tab and click on Import Mailboxes.
  • From ‘Import conversation’ dialog box pick the file in MBOX layout and Click on Continue.
  • Browse the location where MBOX record is saved and import it.
  • While import complete click on Done button.

2. Move your documents from Apple mail to Eudora

  • Ensure that the MBOX record file extension is.MBX. If not then you need to rename it.
  • Go to the report the location where Eudora saves their file in the default directory. In local drive C: >> Documents and Settings >> Application >> DataQualcommEudora.
  • Open both Eudora and MBOX file by double click
  • Close Eudora

Applications For Mac To Open .mbox Files Free

3. Transfer your documents from Eudora to Outlook

  • Open your Outlook Express and go to File tab click on Import then Messages.
  • Browse the list and select Eudora and click on Next Button.
  • Go to the location where the Eudora file stored the MBOX’S .mbx document.
  • Click on OK, then Next and Finish.

4. Import file to MS Outlook from Outlook Express

  • Start MS Outlook and click on File then Open and Import.
  • Go to Import and Export menu and select Import Internet Mail and Addresses.
  • After selecting Outlook Express file click on Next button.
  • Make sure to check the Import Mail option.
  • Click on Next then Finish.

After completing all the steps above, your Apple Mail facts will be created through MS Outlook.

Applications For Mac To Open .mbox Files On Computer

Automated Method

How To Open Mbox Files On Mac

In above manual technique, many drawbacks will be cited like time-consuming, prolonged, and install extra programs to create but if you try an automated approach that gives you the more secure and faster method to the conversion of MBOX files to Outlook PST format. If you ever need to convert your MBOX files into PST file then in our opinion without wasting time download MBOX to PST Converter software to open your MBOX file in all version of Microsoft Outlook without any problem.